Apolda European Design Award 2017
Kunstfest 2016 Opening
Audiovisual Performance
Theaterhaus Jena - Im Haus/Im Tal
Video Design
Nationaltheater Weimar - ZEHN mal ZEHN
Audiovisual Performance
Nationaltheater Weimar - Zehnquadrat
Audiovisual Performance
B-Seite Festival 2015+16
Audiovisual Performances
Audiovisual Concerts
Kursk K-141 / DeProfundis
Chill Out Festival Istanbul
Live Coded Visuals
Dance meets Projection
Music Videos
Corporate Event Performance
Audioreactive Live Visuals
Genius Loci Weimar
Projection Mapping Festival
De Profundis
Multimedia Concert
Who Rockz the Crowd - X Games
LED Battle Stage Scenography & VJ Performance
AV Performance PFORTE
Audiovisual Performance
Der Traum des Ingenieurs
Audiovisual Installation
GWLT - Live Visuals
Audioreactive Live Visuals
Virtual Van de Velde
Exhibition of Computer Animations
European Design Award Show
Fashion Show Visuals
Sepalot Tour Visuals
Ultraportable Videomapping Stage
Festakt 150 Jahre ZUR Bauhaus-Universität
Stage/Video/Sound Design + Live Remix Sessions
Projection Mapping Experiments
2004 - 2014
Delhia de France : Share a Breath
Music Video
Digital Bauhaus Summit
Stage Projection Mapping
Bauhaus Birthday 2009
Projection Mapping Show
MXZEHN - 25 Masterpieces per Second
The VJ Team 1999-2014
Experimental Media Exhibition
Motion Memory Machine
Dance Media Performance
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