openFrameworks is a powerful creative coding framework, providing a simple and intuitive environment for experimentation. It’s not just free and open source but also is available on all major platforms like osx, windows and linux, including mobile platforms android and ios and special distributions for raspberry pis.
Core functionalities of openFrameworks include generating graphical elements like lines, cubes and meshes, loading images, sounds and videos and manipulating those. It is possible to exchange data with xml, json or OSC and import svg and various 3d formats. There is native support for Xbox Kinect models 1414 and computer vision tools to analyze and track objects. In addition to that there are tons of awesome extensions and libraries available adding face tracking, fluid simulation, 2d physics, post processing, audio synthesis and support for MIDI, NDI, leap motion and other sh#t.
In our first steps we will play a little with drawing various objects, make them scale and rotate and audio reactive, add some mouse and keyboard control and some graphical user interface before we go fullscreen.
In this workshop you will understand:

0. Download & set up openFrameworks (ideally you do that beforehand, see requirements)
1. How openFrameworks works - setup, update, draw
2. How to create interactive and audioreactive graphics and render them to a fbo
3. How to generate meshes and distort them in realtime
4. How to create custom interfaces
5. How to control your content with MIDI and OSC
6. How to install and use addons
7. Projection mapping with ofxPiMapper
8. Introduction to computer vision
9. How to use syphon, spout and NDI to share your content
Skill Level : Beginners
This class embraces participants of all genders, sexes and orientations who have no prior experience with (visual) programming, but want to learn more about it. We think creative coding should be fun for everyone!
Requirements : Bring a computer
This is the beginners workshop. Most important thing is that you loose any fear of text based programming and we get you up and running with openFrameworks and your operating system. There are setup guides and a download with the most recent version of openFrameworks available here.

Please consider that a working environment includes a compiler software like xcode or visual studio which you can get for free from apple or microsoft but tend to be quite bulky downloads.
You can also bring MIDI controllers, kinects, leap motions or other fancy devices.
The workshop will focus on osx using xcode and windows using visual studio.
Martin Mayer alias sinsynplus is a visual artist and VJ based in Berlin and Munich. He combines graphical elements, interactive, generative, audio-reactive code and real-time manipulated 3D meshes to a unique visual language. As part of media art group mayer+empl he specializes in interactive realtime video mapping.

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