FATIMA & THE EGLO BAND - LIVE (Eglo Records, London) 
LEGOWELT - LIVE (Clone, Bunker, L.I.E.S., Den Haag / NL) 
THE ANALOG ROLAND ORCHESTRA - LIVE (Ornaments, Rotary Cocktail, Soaked, Berlin) 
PHON.O (50Weapons, Monkeytown, Berlin) 
LEIBNIZ - LIVE (Fourth Wave, Shtum, Leipzig) 
FRONT2BLAQ (Resistant Mindz, Weboogie, Berlin) 
PEAK PHINE (Distillery, Bass Plus, Leipzig)
IKONIKA (Hyperdub, Planet Mu, Hum+Buzz, London) 
COMFORT FIT - LIVE (Project Mooncircle, Tokyo Dawn Records, Berlin) 
ZAB DUB - LIVE (Leipzig)
NGHT DRPS (Through My Speakers, Berlin) 
SHAPE (Chopy Wood, Jena) 
VJ Performance : MXZEHN (Stefan Kraus)
Assistenz : Martin Fink
Fotos: Martin Fink

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