Radio Doria - Zwei Seiten Tour 2018
Digital Scenography, Visuals
Volvo XC40 Roadshow 2017
Audioreactive Live Visuals
LEW Projection Mapping 2017
Movie & Mapping Production
Apolda European Design Award 2017
LED Stage Scenography, Audioreactive Live Visuals
Theaterhaus Jena - Im Haus/Im Tal 2016
Digital Scenography
Projection Mapping Recklinghausen 2016
Movie & Mapping Production
IEC General Meeting, Frankfurt 2016
Audioreactive Live Visuals
Kunstfest Opening, Weimar 2016
Audiovisual Projection Mapping Performance
DACHSER Award Show, Amsterdam 2016
AV Projection Mapping Show
30 Jahre A+A, Düsseldorf 2015
Digital Scenography, Audioreactive Live Visuals
GWLT - Live Visuals, Splash Festival 2015
Audioreactive Live Visuals
DACHSER Award Show, Barcelona 2014
Movie & Mapping Production
Apolda European Design Award 2014
Digital Scenography, Audioreactive Live Visuals
Digital Bauhaus Summit 2014
Digital Scengraphy, Video Art, Projection Mapping
Who Rockz the Crowd - X Games Munich 2013
LED Stage Scenography & VJ Performance
Van de Velde Exhibition Weimar, 2013
Digital Scenography, Media Management, Installation
Sepalot Tour Visuals 2013
Ultraportable Videomapping Stage
Genius Loci Weimar Festival 2012
Concept Projection Mapping Competition
Jugend forscht Preisverleihungen 2012
Award Show Audiovisual Art and Design
Multiscreen Panoramas 2008 - 2012
Ultrawide Realtime Compositing
Festakt Van de Velde Weimar 2010
Opening Ceremony Videodesign
Apolda European Design Award 2011
Deutscher Lichtdesign Award 2011
Videodesign Award Ceremony
NOKIA N8 Launch Caracas 2011
Digital Scenography, Projection Mapping
Festakt 150 Jahre BUW 2010
Stage/Video/Sound Design + Live Remix Sessions
Thüringer Innovationspreis 2009
Videodesign Award Ceremony, Content Production
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