As a testament to the complex and surprising nature of human creativity, "Reclaim Wonder" explores our shared experience as a connected species. The advancements in networks and devices have profoundly influenced the way we lead our lives, interact with others and engage in forms of expression.
The immersive installation features sixteen transparent portals, each revealing a unique intersection of the virtual domain. Presenting a dual presence — skillfully portraying a simulated complex system and a tangible resemblance of our virtual reality.
As visitors navigate the exhibit, the interplay between artistic expression and human interaction shapes the display of movement and color. Each portal is connected to the others, possessing spatial awareness to other portals, as well as individuals gazing into its entryway. This allows visitors to take a moment, pause, and reflect on their relationship with the forms and activities that collectively shape our digital lives on a daily basis.
"Reclaim Wonder" invites us to explore the profound possibilities that arise when we reconsider our relationship with the digital landscape. Encouraging us to address a frantic and energetic process at multiple layers where every contribution counts. As if through invisible forces, we gravitate and accelerate toward an unknown and exciting future.
In tune with the spirit of "Reclaim Wonder", the piece has been created through a joint-venture known as the Spatial Media Lab collective, and showcased with the kind support of Mozilla, at the Alte Münze exhibit "Reclaim the internet" in Berlin.

The software to animate and control LINIE was written by Mickey van Olst and Josef Pelz in the visual programming language TouchDesigner. Position information about the entities has been sent to Ableton live where it has been driving the spatialisation of the sounds.
Reclaim Wonder is an Artwork by:

Agency Liganova 
Art Direction and Project Management Stefan Kraus 
Creative Coding Josef Pelz, Mickey van Olst 
Production assistant Karim Hegazy
AV Rental AVMS
Reclaim Wonder has been commissioned by:

Mozilla Foundation

Fotos & Video by Mickey van Olst

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