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What is TouchDesigner?
TouchDesigner is a visual programming environment that enables you to quickly realize ideas without the need to write code.
There are many areas where artists, designers and scientists put TouchDesigner to exiting uses:
Audiovisual Performance
Generative Design and Data Visualization
Shader Programming and Realtime VFX
Show Control and Projection Mapping
LED Skulptures, Lighting Design and Laser Animations
Computer Vision and Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing / IoT
Interactive Installations and Touch-Screen Content
FullDome Animation and VR Preview
Chemnitz Open Space
Brückenstr. 10
09111 Chemnitz
Requirements: A laptop & a 3 button mouse
Instructor : Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kraus / MXZEHN
The work of Berlin-based VJ artist and director explores the fusion of media, space and performance. Emerging out of East Germany’s vivid electronic music scene, his work soon moved beyond the experimental club environment and into the world of art exhibitions, media festivals and theater performances across Europe. Parallel to his artistic career Stefan has been teaching interaction design at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar where he co-founded the Genius Loci Weimar festival, an annual competition for architectural projection mapping. Today Stefan is more than ever driven by the idea of the “Gesamtkunstwerk” – an artistic vision that completely immerses the audience.

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