We decided to avoid real world imagery but focus on the amplification of the heros state. Projected onto two screens, facing the audience in a 45° angle to each other, the animations created an almost immersive experience around the actor - his inner world. We then programmed a custom software solution in #touchdesigner that allowed us to search and find camera positions, lighting and color settings and many other properties to shape the rooms according to the concept for each scene in realtime.
Foto: Markus Scholz
Foto: Markus Scholz
Foto: Markus Scholz
Foto: Markus Scholz
Powered by #alphamoonbase.berlin Tau Ceti preset engine we were able to define fourtysix different settings with animated transitions in sync with all the lighting cues -  in only one day. In the last step, an automated playout transfered the scenes to videolopps, so the show could be played back alongside light and sound by the house technicians with #madmapper.
The pre-visualization allowed us to prepare scenes based on a video recording of the rehearsals and helped to play out the videos for the house. Many thanks belongs to the whole team in Eisleben, beforee, behind, next to and on the stage for making this a fun, artistic and painless experience with a great outcome. Special thanks to Christian Faust who supported me all along the way, transferred the show to mad mapper and has been running it ever since.
Regie: Philipp Oehme
Video / Ausstattung: Stefan Kraus
Dramaturgie:  Ann-Kathrin Hanss
Regieassistenz / Inspizienz / Soufflage: Heidrun Pröhle
Regiehospitanz / Soufflage: Charlotte Pracht

Norbert: Benjamin Wilke

No Life / Theater Eisleben --> See the show!

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